I want to visualise aid data

I want to understand aid flows into my country / from my country / from a certain donor / globally

I want to find aid data



African Development Bank Group Data Portal

Provides statistical data on socio-economic indicators for African countries,

Aid Data Dashboard

Shows the bigger picture of development finance resource flows, including aid, at the project level.


Shows how aid flows to different countries compares on a global level, using IATI data.



Shows Official Development Assistance activities by country, with clear headline figures and statistics, drawing from various sources.


EU Aid Explorer

Shows aid projects funded by the European Union.


IATI registry

The place to find IATI raw data in XML format.


L’aide fran├žaise au Mali

Shows aid projects financed by France, happening in Mali.



Download statistics on resource flows to developing countries, in excel format.


A data portal from the OECD to allow exploration of the OECD-DAC data, from the perspective of donor countries.

Open Aid Data

Provides various visualisations on aid data, looking at donors, sectors and trends within development assistance.

OpenAid DK

A tool from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it has four main sections: Official Development Aid (ODA), Organisations, Sectors and Countries and regions.

Open Aid Italia

Visualises Italian development assistance around the world.

Open Aid Map

Visualize the locations of development activities on a common mapping platform, currently for Bolivia, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal and Malawi.

Open Aid NL

Finding out about Dutch government development projects

Open Aid Sweden

Find out more about Sweden’s development projects abroad with this open source tool, re-launched in September 2014.

Open UNHabitat

Shows UNHabitat projects which are published to IATI.


US Official Development Assistance Database

Provides statistics (downloadable spreadsheets) on US resource flows to developing countries