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blog | exploring Bringing IATI data to life

A round up of new d-portal features to allow you to embed IATI information into your own website.

blog | exploring Resource flows from Denmark to Nepal

Taking a closer look at aid from Denmark to Nepal: where can we find the data?

blog | projects Data skills workshop in Jakarta

Data skills workshop in Jakarta

In September, we carried out a 'data skills 101' training with civil society organisations in Jakarta, Indonesia.

blog | projects Responsible Development Data: the book

Responsible Development Data: the book

This week I, and a group of development data experts from around the world, met for three days in a small farmhouse in the Netherlands to produce a book on Responsible Development Data. Today, we’re very happy to launch the first version: comments and feedback are really welcome, and please feel free to share, remix, and re-use the content.

blog | exploring Recreational Data – Could I Answer a Written Question My MP Asked?

Recreational Data – Could I Answer a Written Question My MP Asked?

How easy is it to verify statements on ODA by looking at the 'raw' data?

blog | reviews A new generation of

A new generation of

Cross posted from the blog, here is a review of the newly relaunched site.

blog | exploring Easy Access to World Bank and UN Development Data from IPython Notebooks

Although more and more data is being published in an open format, getting hold of it in a form that you can quickly start to work with can often be problematic.

blog | exploring Visualising aid to Indonesia: a quick run through

In preparation for an upcoming workshop with The Asia Foundation I’ve put together this slide deck, with a special focus on ways of visualising data on Official Development Assistance.

blog | exploring Journalists from North Rift Kenya turn to local data to explain lag in development

Journalists from North Rift Kenya turn to local data to explain lag in development

With a new nose for data-driven storytelling, journalists at a data journalism workshop in Eldoret, North Rift Kenya turned to familiar headlines: “7 people succumb to killer brew in Eldoret and Red flag raised as drug abuse hits Eldoret schools, colleges.

blog | exploring Why would journalists need aid data, anyway?

Why would journalists need aid data, anyway?

In what kinds of stories might journalists make use of data on Official Development Assistance, where do they go to find it, and how do they present it online?

blog | exploring Comparing IATI data with the CRS: how did we do it?

Comparing IATI data with the CRS: how did we do it?

A quick guide outlining how DI's analysts recently dived into IATI data, so you can go exploring, too!

blog | exploring What IATI data tells us about DFID’s global malaria spending

What IATI data tells us about DFID’s global malaria spending

The third in a series looking into what conclusions can be drawn from comparisons between IATI data, and data from OECD Creditor Reporting System; this time, focusing on malaria spending by the UK's DFID.

blog | exploring What IATI data tell us about DFID education aid to Nigeria

What IATI data tell us about DFID education aid to Nigeria

The second in a series of blog posts looking into the differences between IATI data and data from the OECD Creditor Reporter System - this time, it's Nigeria's turn.

blog | opinion Open development: fiction or opportunity?

Open development: fiction or opportunity?

Is Italian development aid ready to embrace "open development"? It all depends how you understand the potentially tricky term...

blog | exploring What IATI data tells us about DFID aid to Bangladesh

What IATI data tells us about DFID aid to Bangladesh

What can we learn by comparing data from the OECD Creditor Reporter System, and data on the same topic from the International Aid Transparency Initiative?

blog | toolkit update Making online learning materials engaging

We've been exploring how to present our training materials online in an engaging way - here are some things we've learned so far.

blog | opinion The sparks for igniting the data revolution

The sparks for igniting the data revolution

Kenneth Okwaroh from Development Initiatives – Africa Hub explores the sparks needed to ignite and drive momentum towards rapid realisation of the data revolution in a post 2015 framework

blog | projects IATI global overview Launch of

Launch of

Christian Kreutz, the person behind the new platform, explains what it is, and why he made it.

blog | projects See more, do better

See more, do better

As the world of development actors continues to grow and expand, it is more important than ever to make aid smarter. One way to help improve aid is through data sharing, but in the midst of a data revolution, how does one make sense of it all?

blog | toolkit update Introducing the new Open Development Toolkit site!

We're very happy to launch today a new website for the Open Development Toolkit, which which includes a number of new features to help people make use of, and contribute to, the project. Here's a quick run through of the new features - we hope you like it!